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The MoringaNews network

Why a network ?

The Moringanews network resulted from an international meeting entitled "Development potential for Moringa products", organised by the French association PROPAGE in 2001 in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania). To develop the exchanges initiated then, PROPAGE created the Moringanews network and website in 2002.

Since 2005 Moringanews is also registered as an association in Paris. The network’s objectives are:

lefTo enhance communication and coordination between actors.
leafTo provide reliable and checked information to members of the network.
leafTo undertake research when the information is lacking.


You will find on this website:

leafA communication platform

    Directory of members to contact partners in the country of your choice and to register if you want to be found.
    Mailing list to send and receive messages to all the members registered on the list.


In the items Documents and Workshop, you will find files to download on Moringa cultivation, leaf processing, markets, etc. There are technical sheets, scientific articles, sensitisation posters, reports. The most recent documents are in the 2006 workshop.

leafLiterature references

In the Documents section, a database of scientific articles can be searched by author, key word or theme.

leafNews and information

In the News section and in the messages archived by theme (Mailing list)


Ordered by theme and updated regularly