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What is Moringa ?

Moringa News


Oil extracted from the seeds is an excellent edible vegetable oil and is also useful within the cosmetics industry. A dual usage of Moringa, as a source of oil and flocculent, is possible, since the seed cake remaining after oil extraction retains the flocculating properties.

Moringa is also an important food source in many countries. In India, Moringa pods are widely consumed and plantations exist to produce pods for export, fresh and tinned, to overseas consumers. In West Africa, Moringa oleifera leaves are commonly used to make sauces. Moringa stenopetala leaves are the staple food of the Konso people in Ethiopia. Studies have shown the leaves to be an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and protein: perhaps more than any other tropical vegetable. Many programs use Moringa leaves to fight against malnutrition and its associated diseases (blindness etc.).

Other potential applications of Moringa including use as livestock feed, plant growth hormone, green manure, medicines or for paper making are currently the subject of various research efforts.

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