Moringa and plant resources of the future

Moringanews association

The purpose of the MORINGANEWS association is to promote the use of Moringa and other local plants having a strong potential to improve the quality of life in developing countries. Its founder and director, Armelle de Saint Sauveur, an agronomist and ethnobotanist by training, is a recognized Moringa specialist.

On the forefront since 1989, we have propelled Moringa from its marginal plant status to being considered a new nutritional and economic resource for developing countries. Through our research, development and communication we have acquired a unique expertise in Moringa and its multiple uses.

Advice: Moringanews offers consultancy services, to help creating and implementing research, development and communication projects for NGOs and businesses. Moringanews proposes its knowledge, know-how and experience as well as its on-going and professional network of international partners.

Network: Moringanews is a free information exchange platform devoted to Moringa, listing the actors and sharing documents and documentary databases.

Projects: Moringanews implements research, development and communication projects (publications and seminars) with or without the partnership of other associations, businesses, farmer groups, research centres and universities.