Moringa and plant resources of the future
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doc   Evaluation of antidiabetic and antioxidant activity of Moringa oleifera in experimental diabetes. 2012
Gupta et al

doc   Alteration of brain monoamines & EEG wave pattern in rat model of Alzheimer’s disease & protection by Moringa oleifera 2008
R. Ganguly & D. Guha

doc   Investigation into the mechanism of action of Moringa oleifera for its anti-asthmatic activity 2008
Anita Mehta* and Babita Agrawal

doc   Introduction and Varietal Screening of Drumstick Tree (Moringa spp.) for Horticultural Traits and Adaptation in Taiwan 2007
Manuel C. Palada1, Lien-chung Chang2, Ray-yu Yang3 and L.M. Engle4

doc   Biomass production and chemical composition of Moringa oleifera under different management regimes in Nicaragua 2006
Nadir Reyes Sa ́ nchez1, Stig Ledin2 and Inger Ledin3,*

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Biblio   Development of Lectins as diagnostic tools X

Biblio   Leaf caterpillar menace on drumstick X

Biblio   Growth analysis of moringa Cv PKM-1. Beaulah, A.

Biblio   Efeito do alum?nio sobre o crescimento de duas esp?cies florestais Beutler, A. N.

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