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The aim of MORINGANEWS is to promote the use of Moringa and other plant resources to improve life standards in tropical developing countries. The Moringanews network, created in 2002 by the French association PROPAGE, is registered as an association since 2005.
• Technical secretariat of the International Network MoringaNews:
Dr Armelle de Saint Sauveur
211 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine
75011 Paris, FRANCE
Fax: +33 (0)1 40 09 04 79


• Founding members of the Network:
  PROPAGE (Association for the promotion and propagation of arid and semi-arid lands plant resources), is a network of researchers, engineers and botanists willing to develop the sustainable exploitation of plant resources in collaboration with local populations. Active since 1987, the association has worked on a number of projects which associate development with conservation.
PROPAGE has implemented programs on Moringa (Kenya, Sudan, Egypt, Mexico, Togo, Niger, India, Tanzania), on Cordeauxia edulis (Somalia, Kenya), on Sahelian date palm (Niger, Mali), as well as on the Shea nut tree (Mali, Burkina, Uganda, Nigeria), Jojoba, Gum Arabica (Kenya, Niger), etc.
Contact :

Michel Ferry, Président
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SILVA Arbres, Forêts et Sociétés

SILVA through its "International Network for Tropical Trees," supported by the French Ministry for International Co-operation, promotes sustainable management of tropical forestry resources. The network has over 1000 members.
Its trimestrial magazine Le Flamboyant presents results of research and field tests, practical information and news of activities within many African countries. SILVA frequently organises workshops and training sessions and has edited several publications on themes tied to tropical forestry.

Contact :

Emilie Morin
6 Avenue de Saint Mandé
75012 Paris, France
Tél./Fax : +33 1 43 40 11 25
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A French development-oriented agricultural research organization serving the tropics and subtropics.
The life sciences and social sciences applied to agriculture, forestry, animal production, natural resource management, agrifoods, ecosystems and communities in developing countries.
CIRAD has seven departments running 26 research programmes. Its research operations are structured around commodity chains, territories and scientific fields.
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Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement.
Head Office
42, rue Scheffer
75116 Paris, France
Fax: +33 (0)1 47 55 15 30
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